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2014 League Championship...
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GREAT START TO THE SEASON! Coming up on 300 matches under our belts in about a week of starting competitive events. Thanks to everyone who pitches in to set up and break down, we appreciate it.

Please note we will be using the online calendar for Practice and meet scheduling, already there is a change for the MS team so please get in the habit of checking the calendar frequently. As soon as the MS team Meet schedule is complete we will update the calendar with that information.

Planned practice times are Monday and Wednesday, the Elementary School Team (Pre-K - 5th Grade) is scheduled for 5:00pm start and 6:30pm end. The Middle School Team (6th grade - 8th grade) is scheduled for 6:30pm start and 8:30pm end/take-down. Thursdays are meet nights and there are some Tuesday meets and practices. 

For those new to the program, before every practice we need to move, roll-out and clean the mats and then roll-up and store them at the end. If you can arrive early to help set up it will help immensely and allow the Coaches to focus on the kids.

NYWA Pre-Season Events

We hope everyone is enjoying Summer. NYWA has several pre-season events planned in September and October including two FREE recruiting clinics for prospective wrestlers (veterans welcome too!). As always we ask for your support so please take note of the following events (more details on each to follow):

 -          Monday September 1st : NYWA will march in the Newtown Labor Day Parade – please plan on joining us to show our community spirit and encourage other local youth to join NYWA. We may need a pick-up truck and trailer with high sides (anyone?? please let me know) to let the kids ride instead of walk.

-          Saturday September 6th: NYWA will host a FREE on-the-mat ‘Introduction to Youth Wrestling Clinic’ at Newtown Youth Academy 10:30am to 11:45am; this non-competitive clinic is designed for all of us to invite kids Pre-K to 8th grade to step on the mat and help them decide if wrestling is for them. CLICK HERE ...

-          Saturday September 27th: fundraising car-wash 10am - 2pm at Berkshire Motors (25 Berkshire Rd. Sandy Hook/across from Newtown High School) to raise money to cover costs of clinics.

-          Sunday October 12th: Second FREE on-the-mat ‘Introduction to Youth Wrestling Clinic’ at NYA 10:30am to 11:45am; this non-competitive clinic is designed for all of us to invite kids Pre-K to 8th grade to step on the mat and help them decide if wrestling is for them. CLICK HERE ...

-          Monday October 27th: planned first day of practice at Newtown Middle School.


We will send more information as each event approaches but for now please find time in your busy schedules to support NYWA by participating in/supporting these events.
CT State Tournament

Congratulations to all our CT State Tournament Participants.

Luca Manfredi
Fisher Stites
Jack Wendel
Brock Dukate
Ethan Salvitti
Evan Rooney
Shaine Luzietti
Sean Arnold
Carter Jeffrey
Shayle Gupta
Owen Walsh
Michael Garner
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